There is no shortage of data out there. There is a shortage of people who can make sense of it. We excel at connecting the dots so that you and your team can see the bottom line clearly.

The unfortunate fact is, people who are methodologically well-equipped are not always the best story tellers. That’s why we have deliberately sought out and hired excellent researchers who also have non-research experience to draw upon in their work.

For example, one of our senior researchers is a CPA. One is a Shakespearian scholar. One is fluent in French. We’ve even got an award-winning documentary director and a stand-up comedian on our team. Different perspectives and life experiences allow us to “connect the dots” in a meaningful way.

But it’s more than just varied points of view. We help our clients make sense of the wealth of data they already have by integrating their internal data with research data, to provide the highest number of connections with the work we do.

There’s great value hiding at the intersection of customer data and research data (if you’re talking to customers and not seeing the relationship between their words and their behaviors, you might be missing something critical). We help bring those relationships to light. More dots, more connections.