High Value Audiences

We specialize in working with clients who need insights from “high value” audiences.

Of course, anyone you want to reach is “high value.” Even so, there are some types of research participants (e.g., brokers, C-Level executives, physicians, high net worth investors) who are tougher to recruit, require more business knowledge to communicate with properly, and have more direct impact on your business.

These folks often have deep experience with and insights into your products and services. And they’ll share them, if you know how to find and approach them, and then give them the chance to speak their minds.

We are expert at recruiting, interviewing and interpreting the information we receive from these audiences.

Two reasons:

  1. Our qualitative-into-quantitative methodology, which typically begins with in-depth-interviews, often conducted by phone. This allows privacy around confidential issues, convenience for participants, and wider geographic representation than can be gained by using focus groups. Our interviewers are world-class at listening and probing to gain maximum feedback during these interactions.
  2. Our substantial experience in working with these high value audiences. We’ve developed a talent for understanding what they are saying — and not saying — when delivering results to our clients.