Hands-On Senior Researchers

Not only do we have a passion for listening to survey participants, we also enjoy listening to our clients! Asking lots of questions, actually listening to your responses, and doing our best to meet your needs is our M.O.. We are consultants, with a “yes, and” rather than a “yes, but” approach to working with our clients. We are also a bit compulsive, committed to getting the job done no matter what.

When working with us, our clients collaborate with very seasoned, senior researchers; you don’t get handed off to anyone junior. Even our least senior researcher has 15 years of experience!

This means a veteran’s attention to detail. You can be confident that CSR’s end product is the result of many “behind-the-scenes” quality control processes that ensure the information we collect is valid, complete and, most important, actionable. As one of our clients said of us, “CSR gives us a lot of senior-level attention for the price we pay. With other vendors, we have to pay a large premium for this level of involvement of senior people.”