Exciting News!

PeopleMetrics has merged business operations with Center for Strategy Research

Our Mission

Simply put, our passion and our mission as market researchers is, “Understanding What People Really Think.” We specialize in getting involved with sticky, high-stakes marketing or strategic problems… and figuring out the best way to solve them.

Our approach is based on:

  • Insights from High Value Audiences. From executives at Fortune 500 companies, to brokers, super-high net worth investors and physicians, we speak their language, and so excel at recruiting and interpreting what is important to them.

The insights come from knowing how to connect the dots across what these folks are saying, and from knowing them well enough to understand what they are not saying.

  • Examples of Our Work Gaining compelling insights is not the end of the story, either. We are nothing if not practical. Whether creating summaries, presentations, white papers or other communications, we are always focused on the bottom line.

After all, how you use the information we provide is just as important as finding it in the first place. Without results, we wouldn’t be in business, and neither would you!

  • A Unique “Twist.” Our proprietary content analysis technique combines the benefits of qualitative and quantitative market research approaches. That allows us to get the most out of all kinds of conversations or qualitative exchanges, including IDIs, focus groups, online focus groups and social media interactions.

Another “twist” we offer is that we aren’t just research geeks. We’re geeks in lots of different areas. And we love to bring insight from disparate areas of life to our research endeavors. For example, we’ve presented several seminars over the years on the connection between market research and the Battle of Gettysburg.

As a result, you gain compelling, practical and quantifiable insights that transform survey participant perspectives into actionable data. Simple.